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Few words send a chill down a homeowner’s spine, but “mold” is certainly one of them. Mold inspections are a necessary part of owning a home so that this nasty and potentially devastating problem is avoided whenever possible. There are 7 times when a mold inspection is a better idea than not. Keep reading to learn what they are.

  1. Anytime you buy a home: Never take a previous homeowner’s word on anything, as once you purchase a home, the liability is yours. And when you live in it, the consequences are on you too. Always have a thorough home inspection done, and make mold testing a part of it if there is any suspicion.
  2. Anytime you rent out a home: If you are hanging on to ownership of a home to rent it out long-term, or are just listing it on AirBnB or something similar, get mold testing done just to feature as a perk to the renters. If there are no warning signs taking place (as listed in the last five items of this list), then an at-home test is okay in lieu of professional testing.
  3. “Wet” areas on the exterior that do not dry after rain: These kinds of spots could be visual indications of water stored inside the structure, which is a breeding ground for mold.
  4. Home occupants display allergy-type symptoms, or existing ones worsen: This can range from coughing and nasal congestion to skin and eye irritation.
  5. Excess moisture happens in the home: Sometimes this is a sign of water leaks inside the home. You might have to get to the backs of cabinets and closets to find the damage. Destructive techniques are sometimes needed here.
  6. Fuzzy growths are noticed on building materials: This is usually a final warning about mold, and is often an indication that mold is already occurring. A mold inspection might be pointless at this stage except to determine extent and location of mold that is not yet visible.
  7. Earthy or musty odors: These are the common smells of mold, so your nose is your first and cheapest line of defense.

When you keep in mind these 7 situations where you might need a mold inspection, you can know just when to have testing done in order to protect the people and possessions in your home, as well as the structure itself.

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