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Mold testing & inspection in Phoenix AZ might sound strange. Especially to those ones who do not live here. However, we know that damage from mold can strike any time, any place. Call the Phoenix Mold Pros today! We provide immediate 24/7 help for mold testing & inspection. We can also help determine the causes behind mold like,

  • Standing water
  • Leaking pipes in plumbing
  • Rain water damage from monsoons
  • Broken appliances (like a dishwasher or washing machine)
  • And more…

Act quickly on mold inspection & testing to reduce further damage. Reduction in damage equates to expense reduction. Whether the mold inspection is your carpet, in your wall(s), or other area(s). Even 24 hours means the difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you have mold contact us 24/7 for emergency mold testing services. Even if you suspicion you might have mold, call now. Every moment counts!

Do you see mold? Do you have a leak? Can you see areas affected by heavy moisture? Call a trusted mold inspection & testing Phoenix team, like Phoenix Mold Pros. Our team provides quick mold testing help.

We are licensed mold testing & inspection experts. Our teams identify any types of mold that need remediation. We are not like other companies that only help with the mold inspection. We actually perform the remediation as well. We help you through the entire process!

  • Mold testing & inspection
  • Extensive water removal of the affected area, if needed
  • Even a complete drying of affected materials and structures
  • And more…

Mold inspection and testing Phoenix AZ

We can get your mold inspection done correctly and efficiently. Our team has skills 18 years of experience. Our BBB A+ rated reflects our professionalism. AZ Daily Star Readers also voted us Best Mold Remediation Company, and more, in 2018.

If you need an immediate Phoenix mold testing and inspection, contact us now! The Phoenix Mold Pros 24/7 Emergency Line is (602) 903-1455. You can also contact us from our contact page.

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