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Mold is a scary topic. Experts have identified 50-60 strains to be hazardous to humans. Black mold is especially toxic! Black mold can cause respiratory problems, and bad reactions for those with suppressed immune systems. This is why selecting a mold removal team you trust is so important!

Not only does mold cause health problems, but also structural issues. Mold is a living organism, and needs food to survive. What is their food source? Your home or businesses structural materials. Like your framing, drywall, carpet, etc. This leads to structural integrity issues over time. This is why waiting can be so harmful and expensive. Call the Phoenix Mold Pros to get 24/7 help with mold removal & remediation.

Many companies out there use bleach to “remove” the mold. Then they use deodorizer to get rid of the smell. This is not a permanent fix, though! We’re all too familiar with weeds, even here in the desert. So, we know that if the roots aren’t removed or killed the weed will just grow back. Mold also has roots. These roots embed themselves into the material they’re on. If these roots aren’t addressed, the mold will just grow back too. This is why we follow guaranteed procedures to remove the mold at the root level. These procedures are required by the IICRC.

Best mold remediation & removal Phoenix proceedures

What are these procedures? First we complete a free visual black mold inspection & testing. This allows our expert team to determine if mold removal & remediation is necessary. We will also determine where the mold came from. Whether it’s a monsoon leak, standing water, or a broken appliance. Our team will track it down, and help with repairs. We even provide content evaluation, packing, moving, and storing of contents of the affected area.

Once the inspection phase is done, we create a negative pressure containment area. We do this by putting up plastic sheeting and setting up air scrubbers around the affected area(s). This prevents the spores from contaminated additional areas. Next we remove all the removable contaminated materials.

Second we focus on the unremovable contaminated materials. This could include the foundation, brickwork, framework, or things like these. We sand, disinfect, seal, and add anti-microbial solution to remaining items. All while running the HEPA-Vac to contain the spores.

Finally, we will have a third-party professional lab test the affected area. These lab results will be provided to you. Then you can have peace of mind that there is no longer any traces of mold left.

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