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Water Damage in a Phoenix, Arizona Home

Water damage is one of those things that cause a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you walk toward your laundry room and the carpet is wet. There are hundreds of things in a home
that can cause this. Anything from leaking pipes, broken washing machine, to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. Fortunately, one major cause of water damage we do not have to worry about is freezing temperatures. Any damage from water damage can range from minimal to catastrophic. The damage can range from Category 1, to Category 3. With each category, the damage grows more severe. Will you be able to say that you are covered from this damage?

Professional Water Damage restoration in Phoenix

Even if you damage is classified as a lower category, it does not mean that is will remain that way. The longer water stays in the same place is where it begins to pollute and contaminate. This leaves an opportunity for mold to grow and infest many surfaces. The longer you wait, the easier it is for your water damage to grow more severe and dangerous. Can you really afford to wait any longer?

Regardless of any reason for your water damage, you need to call Phoenix Mold Pros. We can remove the water and dry the area before mold begins to grow. Which is a whole different problem in itself.

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