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You probably have a lot of time and money invested in your home. Mold doesn’t discriminate, though. It puts up residence even in the most expensive of homes. The health of your family could be at risk without you even realizing it. Mold is in the top five health risks in America. So, it needs to be handled quickly and safely. You need the best team for mold removal Mesa has to offer! Phoenix Mold Pros will help you evict that mold permanently.

The longer you wait the further the mold infestation spreads. The further it spreads, the more costly it becomes. Mold will use your building materials as food. This causes deteriorated structural integrity. Don’t wait! Call Phoenix Mold Pros, the mold removal & remediation experts.

Even if you have a maintenance team, mold needs certified, and specially trained mold removal experts. We can work with your current maintenance team. Our priority is to make your living space healthy again. This means using the most effective procedures to ensure complete destruction. We do this by killing the entire mold organism, including the roots. We take steps to prevent further spreading of the spores during remediation. These are standards required by IICRC, and upheld by our entire team!

Mold remediation Mesa AZ

First thing our technician will do is inspect every nook and cranny. Mold is sneaky, and can hide in porous materials, and tiny dark corners. We will determine what the cause was, and if heavy water removal is needed. We will even provide evaluation, packing, moving, and storage of contents of the affected area.

Next we will secure the area with sealed plastic tarps and air scrubbers. This creates a negative pressure containment area. This area prevents the spread of the spores during mold removal. Providing an extra level of protection for your family and precious items outside the affected area.

We then remove porous materials that can’t be preserved. For instance, drywall, carpeting, ceiling tiles, etc. Mold hides in the tiny openings and holes of the surfaces. Making mold hard to spot, and remove. So, these types of items must be discarded. Then we can focus on decontaminating the remaining materials.

The remaining salvageable materials must be cleaned. This cleaning is hospital clean room level of clean. We achieve this with a HEPA-Vac, anti-microbial spray, sanding, and sealing. This is to make sure there is no hidden mold or mold roots remaining. If this step were skipped, there would be a high risk of mold regrowth. Then we’ll return the area to pre-mold conditions.

You will finally receive lab report. To confirm that your living area is once again mold-free and safe.

We have the experience and knowledge of 18+ years. We are licensed, IICRC trained, certified, and BBB A+ rated. Our team is professional, efficient, and safe. If you even think you possibly have mold, call Phoenix Mold Pros: (623) 300-1363. The team voted the best mold removal & remediation Mesa has to offer, is waiting for your call 24/7.

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