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Need the best water damage restoration Scottsdale has to offer? This might sound like the weirdest question some have heard. Keep in mind, though, that even the desert gets rain. Those of us that live here, know this. We also know that rain here can be brutal. This is because it doesn’t rain often. The sun, thus, bakes all the structure’s materials, including roofing. This baking causes cracks that lead to leaks, and these cracks lead to bigger cracks and bigger leaks. Not only that, but the rain pools, especially next to foundations. This pooling causes additional exterior damage. Water is persistent. So, this exterior damage can lead to interior water damage. If any of this has happened to you home of office, call the Phoenix Mold Pros. We can provide 24/7 water damage restoration help. We also find the reason behind water damage,

  • Pooling water
  • Heavy rain damage
  • Broken air conditioner drainage pipes or other appliances
  • Sewer or water pipes leaking
  • There are many more possible reasons…

Any of these can cause an immense amount of damage within your home. The structures are at risk. Even carpets, walls, and other items can be destroyed. This is why water damage restoration needs to be started right away! Especially if you want to reduce further damages. Reducing damages, by extension, reduce expenses. Thousands or hundreds of dollars, can be the difference of just one day. If you even think you might need water damage restoration Scottsdale, call now! Our 24/7 emergency team is waiting for your call. Phoenix Mold Pros is here to help.

At Phoenix Mold Pros, we are licensed water damage restoration experts. We will perform an inspection of the affected areas. We will then identify where the water is coming from, and the best plan. An extensive water removal may be needed. Or a complete drying of the affected areas and structures. To do this, we would use high-powered moisture removing fans, if needed. We will also determine if the water damage has lead to mold damage,. You can visit our mold removal page for details on this procedure. We are your one stop shop for water damage restoration. We won’t leave you high and dry after the inspection. Phoenix Molds Pros will be with you every step of the process! we will also identify any needed mold removal.

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We’ve been providing Arizona residents and businesses BBB A+ service for over 18 yrs. Our skilled, experienced, and professional team will handle your water damage restoration problems quickly. Not only quickly, but they will also handle it safely and efficiently. In 2018 we were also voted Best Locally Owned Service Business, Mold Remediation company, & more by Arizona Daily Star Readers.

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